Cultivating a daily yoga practice is the best tool i’ve ever invested in. A power tool that helps me to be a better person, each time I step on the mat.

Yoga to me is like a prayer. Each time feels like I’m stepping into an intimate conversation. For me, practicing yoga is a daily act of self acceptance and love, where I can create a safe container to battle my limiting beliefs. There’s no place to hide, the feelings we’ve been running from begin to feel safe to surface. It’s a beautiful unraveling that brings you slightly closer to your raw, vulnerable heart. It’s a opportunity for growth, for challenging your physical body, for taking time to understand the ego.

I started getting into yoga back in college in hopes to ease my sore, tight muscles. What started as physical practice took me on a life changing journey for the next years of my life. As I was living and traveling through Asia I was constantly seeking out teachers, trainings and workshops to deepen my practice. It led me to meditation, I still remember learning meditation and breathwork sitting on a wild and pristine beach on the coast of Sumba, Indonesia. When I tapped into this unknown world, I for once felt at home, a little bit more at peace within myself. My fascination with yoga and Hindu religion took me to India where I backpacked alone up the coast of the country. Looking back now it was really the yoga that helped me flow through the country— always guiding me through the chaos.

I learned the primary sequence of Asthanga yoga through several teachers along the way. Diligently practicing in yoga shalas, the rooftops of hostels and with friends on the beach. It became my foundation, my daily internal check-in where no matter where I was in in the world- I was home on top of my mat. Breathing and sweating through the difficult postures, trying to find equanimity and peace while in a pretzel, ironically spews out into your daily life. If I could breathe through backbends, I could breathe and practice non-reaction through any difficult situation. Or at least try to. Using that hour and a half practice as a moving meditation, a mind training, would allow me to be that much more present in the rest of my day.

The beautiful thing about practicing yoga is that you’re forever a student. Besides the never ending list of asanas, there are 7 other limbs of yoga to be practiced and unraveled. It’s like falling into infinite rabbit hole of uncovering the Self. That’s why I love calling yoga a practice. You don’t just step on your mat and check it off in the morning, it’s to be practiced, each moment of the day.

Yoga led me to live on a Hare Krishna Eco Farm in Australia, singing kirtan and chanting while connecting with the most pure souls to Mysore, India where I practiced with incredible teachers who emanated the light of yoga through their very presence. During my travels in Thailand I dove into my meditation practice by doing a ten day silent meditation retreat. To this day, it has been one of the most powerful experiences that has shaped my life.

I was blessed to find the most beautiful yoga community in Bali where I was able to complete a three month ashtanga yoga intensive with one of my favorite teachers, Damien De Bastier. I love knowing that yoga will always be a part of my life, my practice changes and evolves with each chapter of my life but the intention to use it as a tool to connect with myself, others and the magic of life will always hold true.

I teach vinyasa classes based on the ashtanga yoga method. I am currently based in Indiana but will soon be traveling. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in learning more about this incredible tool that has so beautifully impacted my life.